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Pressure Defense
Pressure Defense

How do I get access to Jordan Fee's (Nova Southeastern) first talk on pace and pressure defense? I believe he delivered that on April 4 and I though I was registered for it but now can't seem to find it?... (More)
Sedric Collins
Head Girls MS Coach and 17U Boys AAU Assistant Coach
Coaches which do you prefer, a 2-1-2 press or a 1-2-2 press, and why?
Ron Boyett
Former Head Boys Basketball Coach, White Oak HS, White Oak, Tx.
  1. Coach hard and be demanding
  2. Praise great effort/intensity. Make it obvious what you are looking for.
  3. Consequences for poor effort and a lack of concentration
  4. No boundaries on loose balls in during drills or scrimmage setting
  5. Highlight videos of your... (More)
Randy Brown
Lead Coach--Elite Coach Mentoring Program
Two items that seem to be getting brought up a lot in the coaching world recently are foul related. a. Getting to the line more, while b. Keeping your opponent off the line. I saw in practices this past year... (More)