Wisdom from Don Meyer (while at Northern State)
Ways to Lose Games
Remember while reading this is a list of ways to lose games.
1. Don’t play hard: As a coach this is the only thing you can control. It’s number 1 for a reason. So important
2. Play Smart: Says it all. Just can’t win being stupid.
3. Play Together: The whole is greater then the parts.
4. Have no Transition Defense: Know his number, know his game is the perfect scouting report.
5. Foul Shooting: Know when to foul, know who to foul, do you want to foul with 5 seconds or less at the end of the ball game. Know your philosophy. Foul the player before he gets to the basket instead of as he’s going up for the lay-up.
6. Handle the ball carelessly: Keep turnovers down. Taking bad shots. (also see his shot grading system)
7. Don’t have a delay game: You have to have a good delay game. (he is not a fan of the shot clock)
8. Don’t have a comeback game: Have to have a plan to get back into the game. Full court press of some kind. He gave an example of a coach that used a 1-2-1-1 press that they didn’t run very well. Opponents went right through it and got shots. Quick shots. It changed the pace of the game.
9. Don’t let your best player foul at the end of the game: Substitute the Principle’s son in and let him foul. I love that one!