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Asked a question 3 years ago

Hi coaches, my name is Darrius Thompson and I am a Senior at Tennessee State University. Unfortunately, I didn't play basketball at the college level and have become a Student Manager. My question is what pathways after I graduate can I take to become a higher level coach or basketball trainer (College or Pros)? What steps do I take or what jobs should I apply to that will help me get some coaching or training experience and looks good for a resume to get to those levels without college playing experience? Any kind of guidance or advise would be greatly appreciated!

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Russell Bundage
assistant basketball coach @ Lee College Baytown,TX

I was in your same shoes but way later on in life. I started in Grassroots and volunteer with an ABA team. If you can find a juco,NAIA, or D3 volunteer spot. Take it

Christopher Johnson
assistant boys basketball coach mpls north hs minneapolis

darrius great question. my advice to you is to start with youth basketball catch them at the grassroots level.