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Retired coach
Asked a question 3 years ago

Our HS has two very good teams in our league that Press with 1-2-2, need some ways to attack and score against it, thanks

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Ron Boyett
Former Head Boys Basketball Coach, White Oak HS, White Oak, Tx.

So, I assume by the way you worded your question that you don't intend to just break the press and run your half court offense.  Whether you use a 2-1-2 set or something else, I think there are some important factors to emphasize:

  1. Be strong with the ball and make good decisions.  Live ball turnovers are killers against pressing teams, especially in the backcourt.
  2. Emphasize which shots you'll take against the press.  You can get the 3 pt. shot but you have to consider the downside to that as well.  If you attack the basket, you have to play through contact and finish around the rim.
  3. Realize you will turn the ball over some.  Emphasize not backing 2 turnovers in a row.  These lead to runs.
  4. Practice against aggressive traps.  Have the defenders be overly aggressive and physical with the ball handler.
  5. Add extra defenders in the backcourt when working against the press so ball handlers have to play physical with the ball and others have to work to get open.  It also cuts down on lazy, sloppy passes.  I always dropped off the extra defenders once the ball crossed half court.
  6. Be very demanding in practice as far as precision and efficiency against the press.  Turnovers vs you JV or scout team will be amplified when the game is faster and the opponent is more adept at what they are doing.

It's my experience teams usually 1-2-2 or 1-2-1-1 press if they want to play fast or they feel like they can turn the other team over.  If you can get the ball across half court and take the shots you want either they will get out of the press or you can use their aggressiveness against them.

Hope some of these suggestions help.

Good Luck!

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