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Randy Brown
Lead Coach--Elite Coach Mentoring Program
Asked a question 3 years ago

With defensive transition, do you run back to spots on the floor (paint, wing) or sprint to players?

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In transition defense i would go with spots protect rim, stop ball and then as everyone gets back match up when appropriate if youre going man to man 

Alexander Oyola
Head Boys Uvalde HS Texas

Protect Rim...Mid-line right above 3pt line...Slow ball down

One waiting at opposite NBA 3 point line. Sprint to lane and matchup


Sprint to the rim then pick up. Rim is priority #1. Where else would they be going?

Ron Boyett
Former Head Boys Basketball Coach, White Oak HS, White Oak, Tx.

We sprint back then pick up a man.  If the opponent is playing fast we will pick up the closest man then switch to a better size matchup when possible.  If the opponent is not pushing the ball we will pick up our assigned man while picking up the ball at halfcourt.